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At Universal College our tutors will help you learn the knowledge and techniques you need to get the best results from your studies and exams
We have limited places due to the small class sizes, please enroll asap so you don't miss out!

Experienced Teachers

Your friendly and professional tutor will teach you valuable skills learned through years of experience

Maths, Science & English

We focus on the core subjects of Math, Science and English to ensure the highest level of teaching for our students

Primary & High School Students

We provide different classes for each age group and study level

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes (max 5 students) mean each of our students can receive the individual attention they need, while still encouraging friendly competition between peers

Competitive Rates

We aim to provide a high level of teaching without breaking the budget. No contracts! Affordable pricing with proven results

Achieve your ATAR goals

We help you to achieve your study goals, and get the grades to attend the university you want